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Big Mom and Big Dad Easter 1963

What is a Trivett?

A Trivett is an off-spring from Wirth McKinley Trivett who was born August 12, 1898 in Ash County, North Carolina. His parents were Samuel Trivette (Born 1858-died between 1900-1902) and Laura Ann Hare (Born 1860-died 1930). He married  Vera Laws Trivett, born October 19, 1898 in Boomer, North Carolina. Her parents were Columbus Laws (born in 1862-died 1930) and Carrie Jane Sharpe (born 1866-died 1918)   Hereinafter referred to as Big Mom and Big Dad, they lived in the “Big House” just outside Williamson, West Virginia.

A Trivett is someone who will always entertain you with totally bizarre actions; someone who will be with you if you need someone either with a shotgun or a hanky. 

     How Big Daddy and Big Mommy met---Big Daddy was selling insurance and he was selling to Big Mommy’s father and mother, Laura and Sam Laws. Big Mommy was working in the garden and squatted down because she didn’t want him to see her bare feet. He said she was the most beautiful child he had ever seen. She was 14 years old, he started to talk to her and she said she could only see and talk to him at church. So he went to church. Her mama liked him but, her dad was worried about his baby girl and after all Big Daddy was 5 years older than she. He’d come and visit for about a year and she would play piano for him, sitting in her parlor with her mom. Then they decided to elope, she believed her mama knew but didn’t tell her dad. One night she threw her suitcase out the window and the next night he came with a ladder to get her. They got married and she never went back until Uncle Charles was a baby, he took his first step there. That was the last time she saw her folks because she said if her dad didn’t like her husband, the father of her children she wouldn’t be back and they didn’t. Big Mom died May 28, 1975. And Big Dad died January 19,1980.

    They lived in the "Big House" from the time we were kids....we loved that big old house! It's owned by Mag Jenkins today, her daddy owned it when Big Mom and Big Dad lived there. There was a long, long hallway with 4 bedrooms off of it, 2 on each side with a window at the end of the hall. When Everett Baisden died he was in the one room that had a door to the outside, it opened onto a wrap around porch.

Pictures are....# 1 is The Big House in 1970, Picture #2 was taken on the Big House steps in 1961on the porch is Carrie, Irene, Big Mom, sitting on the steps is Sherry, Kitty, Retta and Debbie, Picture #3 Carrie, Big Dad, Olga & Big Mom on the steps of the Big House and Picture #4 is Jonelle on the bike, and some that were sitting on the porch in the background are Everett, Polly, Big Dad, Irene holding JuneBug